Acousmatic: a rare word

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Derived from the Greek: adjective, indicating a sound that one hears without seeing what causes it.

It describes an experience which is very common today but whose consequences are more or less unrecognized, consisting of hearing sounds with no visible cause on the radio, records, telephone, tape recorder, etc.

Acousmatic listening is the opposite of direct listening, which is the “natural” situation where sound sources are present and visible. The acousmatic situation changes the way we hear. By isolating the sound from the “audiovisual complex” to which it initially belonged, it creates favorable conditions for reduced listening which concentrates on the sound for its own sake, as sound object, independently of its causes or its meaning (although reduced listening can also take place, but with greater difficulty, in a direct listening situation).



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What is the most common misconception you encounter about freelancing?

  1. Freelancers spend all of their time in their pajamas
  2. Freelancing is for people who can’t find full time work
  3. Freelancing is a stop-gap to a full-time career
  4. Freelancers aren’t as reliable as agencies or temps

From the Freelancers Union



















American Society for Indexing – 2014 Conference

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Mendel and Enrique presented. They discussed the work they do for me and explained its benefits for other experienced indexers.


See conference details here.


Back in Nicaragua

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I am in Nicaragua until the end of April, where I have a comfortable office, a decent Internet connection, my laptop, and even a little time for indexing.


To learn more about the 4 Walls Project, click here.












Words that have survived only in idiomatic phrases

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  1. Amok: adverb  behaving uncontrollably and disruptively
  2. Dulcet: adjective  sweet and soothing
  3. Figment: noun  fantastic notion, idea, or fabrication
A flock of figments

A flock of figments














Via the UK’s Society for Editors and Proofreaders. See the rest of the list here.




So little time …

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#Click here for synopses of NPR’s favorites of 2013.











Be still, my heart

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I went to hear Richard Blanco last night, only to fall in love with him even more. He was Just Buffalo’s first author of this season’s Babel Series. And this morning …

Richard Blanco, hanging out on Delaware Avenue

Oh, yeah. Selfies of us on Delaware Ave.

Click here to listen to One Today, written by Richard for Barack Obama’s second inauguration.




SVS (Silicon Valley Syndrome)

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I've got the SVS.

What it looks like.



It comes from too much time in front of the computer — eye strain, back and neck pain, headaches, sore wrists. Read more about SVS here.









High stress

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En la oficina de Colleen Dunham Indexing en Nicaragua











We freelancers work everywhere

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So I’ll be indexing from Nicaragua for a while. See you in October.


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