Many hands make light work of tight schedules. Many eyes look at content from diverse viewpoints. Many brains work together to help readers find information. No job is too big or too small for the CDI team.

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Colleen Dunham

No one has challenged Colleen’s boast of indexing more than a million pages in her career. She started in the publishing business in 1970, working 28 years for Thomson-West and later for Microsoft.  In 2004, she began Colleen Dunham Indexing. Accused of wearing too much turquoise, Colleen still hopes to live long enough to read the complete works of the Native American Renaissance writers.


Lisa DeBoer

Lisa DeBoer has experience as an indexer, librarian, archivist, editor, and teacher. She enjoys books about women’s studies, plays Scrabble online, and reads the dictionary for fun. Lisa operates DeBoer Indexing, providing book and database indexing services.

Chris Banta

In her teens, Chris catalogued all her comic books, planning one day to cross-reference individual stories. When she discovered indexing, she recognized it as an outlet for her desire to organize books’ contents. Chris especially enjoys indexing mathematical and legal texts. She works as a benefits compliance professional, and does volunteer tax preparation. With her remaining free time, she plays the piano, quilts, and writes.


Enrique Corrales

He can play the guitar. He can write music. He is a licensed veterinarian. And now he can index. Enrique works out of the Enlace Office in El Sauce, Nicaragua.



Travis Hale

Travis has worked in the book industry for 20 years and began working as an indexer in 2017. He enjoys reading social and cultural histories, books about art and artists, biographies, philosophy and theory, and fiction by lesser-known or forgotten authors. In his spare time he enjoys book-making, weaving, and other fiber arts.

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