Buffalo’s literary legacy: F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was a year and a half old when the family moved to Buffalo. The Fitzgerald family lived at various addresses before returning to St. Paul MN when Scott was 12.


“Dick opened an office in Buffalo but eventually without success. Nicole did not find out what the trouble was, but she heard a few months later that he was in a little town called Batavia, New York, practicing general medicine, and later that he was in Lockport doing the same thing … He was considered to have fine manners and once made a good speech at a public health meeting on the subject of drugs, but he became entangled, with a girl, who worked in a grocery store, and he was involved in a lawsuit about some medical question, and so he left Lockport.”


Buffalo, Batavia, Lockport … Dick Diver spiraling downward in western New York


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